Field Services

Using a team of 150 field technicians, engineers, climbers and approximately 800 first-in maintainers, the Field Services division maintains the network of over 600 transmission sites, ensuring the nationwide delivery of key television, radio and other communications services for Broadcast Australia customers. Our Network Operations Centre supports the repairs and maintenance function providing network monitoring, risk analysis and a 24/7 fault response service. 

Field Services became an in-house service on 1 December 2007 with the purchase of Kordia R & M Pty Ltd.

Broadcast Australia's minimal impact policy ensures the network operates at high levels of availability through the use of highly skilled maintenance techniques in difficult geographic locations and harsh climatic conditions. These include:

  • Skilled and trained field services team members located across the country to enable immediate response to repair faults that may occur on customers' services;
  • A maintenance programme developed in conjunction with customers; looking at business needs and formulating a comprehensive schedule for maintenance around these requirements; continual analysis of preventive maintenance schedules to eliminate faults where possible; and
  • Regular checks on towers, masts, poles, antenna mounts, feeder supports, trays and other attachments to alert the field services team to corrosion or mechanical fault.

Broadcast Australia's tailor-made solutions packages encompass:

  • Fault management and disaster recovery;
  • Identification and response to faults;
  • Analysis and recommendations for future fault prevention;
  • 24/7 callout response for service restoration;
  • Network risk analysis and risk management;
  • Maintenance consultancy services;
  • Analysis, identification and recommended solutions to optimise networks, systems and equipment performance;
  • Transmission infrastructure, systems and equipment maintenance;
  • Planned maintenance of network equipment for optimal performance and fault prevention;
  • Management of site access; and
  • Data collection.

Our expertise covers the maintenance of a wide range of communications equipment:

  • Television - VHF, UHF, DBS, satellite, cable;
  • UHF/VHF communication systems;
  • Microwave radio systems;
  • Cellular equipment;
  • Multiplexer equipment including interfaces;
  • Voice and data networks;
  • Encryption and pay TV;
  • Multi-point distribution systems - MMDS, MDS, MVDS, LMDS, LMVDS;
  • AC/DC power systems;
  • Site infrastructure maintenance; and
  • Fibre optical and satellite distribution systems.

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