Corporate Profile

Broadcast Australia owns and operates one of the most extensive terrestrial broadcast transmission networks in the world.  We manage transmission services for radio and television (analogue and digital) broadcasters and offer site sharing, co-hosting and infrastructure services to the telecommunications, emergency services and broadcasting industries.

Broadcast Australia acts as the “neutral host” for a multitude of customers across a range of technologies utilising its transmission infrastructure. Broadcast Australia can provide either part of, or a complete end-to-end solution. Specialising in the planning, design, supply, install, test and commission of broadcast and telecommunications transmission systems, our aim is to harness the full benefits of communications technology in order to provide broadcasters throughout Australia with world-class broadcasting technologies.

Through ongoing investment in a vital infrastructure network, Broadcast Australia continues to improve the range, reach and quality of the broadcasting services it provides to customers and communities across Australia. Our network covers over 620 transmission sites strategically located across Australia, facilitating our customers who need to transmit from metropolitan, regional and remote locations, delivering quality transmissions to millions of consumers throughout Australia every day. Broadcast Australia believes that Australians should be able to access TV, radio and telecommunications services wherever they are. 

Broadcast Australia strives to be a service provider of excellence. Through investment in collaborative and sustainable relationships, we aim to deliver innovative solutions to our customers who increasingly require effective network communications solutions. Broadcast Australia maintains a sophisticated approach to ensure network longevity, service reliability and optimal operational performance for our customers.

Broadcast Australia - History and Subsidiaries

After more than 70 years as a government owned and managed transmission network, Macquarie Bank Ltd acquired NTN in 2002 and re-branded it as Broadcast Australia, becoming the seed asset in the publicly listed Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group fund.  MCIG, including Broadcast Australia, was subsequently acquired by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) in 2009.

Broadcast Australia is comprised of a range of subsidiary companies: critical application and hosting provider Hostworks; Radio Frequency Engineering Limited (RFE), a Hong Kong-based business specialising in indoor, subway and confined space coverage for TV, radio and telecommunications; BAI Canada, which has an exclusive 20+ year agreement with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)  to deploy and operate a commercial wireless network at 65 stations and associated tunnels in the TTC subway; Airwave Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd, which provides  infrastructure and provisions for emergency service communications and private networks in Australia; and Transit Wireless which is designing, building and operating the communications infrastructure for the New York subway.

Field Services became an in-house service for Broadcast Australia in 2007, with the purchase of Kordia R & M Pty Ltd, maintaining the network of over 580 transmission sites, ensuring the nationwide delivery of key TV, radio and other communications services for our customers.


 Broadcast Australia Group Entities   ABN Details
 Broadcast Australia Pty Limited   ABN 99 086 048 562   
 Broadcast Australia No.1 Pty Limited   ABN 88 126 949 031
 The Bridge Networks Pty Limited   ABN 18 108 646 340
 Hostworks Pty Limited   ABN 88 087 307 695
 Airwave Solutions (Australia) Pty Limited   ACN 133 800 129