Keeping our communities on air

Broadcast Australia is committed to keeping people and their communities on air during challenging circumstances, in remote areas of the country or in the midst of a natural disaster.  We recognise that no matter where you are in the world, you’re part of a community. And we support communities around the globe.

Saying thank you

In one year, Broadcast Australia supported our customers with 365 separate Emergency Site Warning Level Status changes – 15 were due to cyclone, 49 were flood/heavy rain, 47 were classified as other, and a staggering 253 were for fire.

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In many instances, the community provided support, and it was great to see people come together to save critical infrastructure. In the devastating blazes that affected Coonabarabran, NSW, the Rural Fire Service worked long and hard to protect the Broadcast Australia site at Mt Cenn Cruaich.To acknowledge this support and to commend the efforts of those involved, Broadcast Australia made donations to the RFS and other supporting agencies, as well as the Mayor’s rebuilding fund.

The Bangor fire in the Port Pirie region in South Australia, located approximately 250km from Adelaide in the Southern Flinders Ranges, saw Firefighters battling for over a month. This fire came dangerously close to the Broadcast Australia Bluff site, located at the summit overlooking Port Pirie, where a Government Radio Network communications hut (relied upon by public safety agencies to transmit radio communications) resides next to the transmission tower, also relied upon to deliver critical radio and television broadcasts for ABC and SBS during these times of emergency. A number of local brigades from the Country Fire Service worked for days to save the Bluff, where fire came, circled and came back again.

Chief Executive Officer Peter Lambourne travelled to Port Germein, a little town within the affected community where a number of the CFS firefighters and volunteers who were tasked with protecting the site reside. Peter presented the CFS with a donation in support of local resources to say thank you for their efforts. It is very difficult (and costly) to rebuild and replace a site and Broadcast Australia wanted to formally thank the brigades that worked shifts controlling the fire that twice circled the Bluff site. Without their help we would be in a very different position.

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Broadcast Australia values the importance of giving back to the community. Charity & volunteer leave is availlable to employees to spend a day volunteering for a recognised charity.

Creating magic in a time of need

Beth Sloane, Change Management Lead at Broadcast Australia, recently used her day of charity volunteer leave to mentor a seven-year-old girl at Camp Magic. “Having been inspired by the HR/HSEQ team members using their Volunteers Leave to help the RSPCA, I decided that I would make use of this generous leave option and attend Camp Magic as a mentor to a little 7 year old girl, Eli,” Beth said.

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Camp Magic is a grief camp for children who have lost someone significant (a sibling, parent or guardian) in their lives, and is a part of the Feel the Magic Foundation ( “Our group of eight 7 year olds formed lasting connections to each other over the three days of camp. All of the adults and kids became the best support for each other, and through the shared experience of grief were able to connect and help each other,” Beth said. “Camp Magic is all about the kids learning to understand their grief and break down the isolation that the children often feel when they lose someone that they love. That was the resounding thought from all of our campers at the end of Camp: ‘I’m not alone anymore’.”

“The other things that we did on camp involved loads of fun,” said Beth. “We went on numerous bushwalks, played Wacky Olympics and also completed the Low Ropes Course, complete with splinters! One of my favourite moments was when my camper wanted to go on a bushwalk on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to see who else wanted to come and before we knew it we had the whole team on the bushwalk!”

Beth says being at Camp Magic was one of the most amazing and humbling experiences of her life. “I cannot wait for the next camp where I hope to go along again as a mentor.” 

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We support a range of industry associations and community organisations through our corporate sponsorship program.

A great cause

In 2016 Broadcast Australia and SBS have joined together to form a team to participate in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. The charity fun run event offers four different runs/walks ranging from a 3.5km bridge walk up to the full 42km marathon and will raise money for 35 different charities.

Broadcast Australia is extremely proud in raising more than $600,000 over the last five years through our joint participation in the MS Sydney-Gong Ride and we will continue to support MS Australia through the Running Festival.

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Industry memberships & support

BAI Communications is a proud member of the following industry associations: Australian Industry Group (Ai Group), Australian Water Association (AWA), Communications Alliance, Communications Sector Group (The Department of Communications, Australia), Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG), Smart Grid Australia and the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

BAI Communications is a proud supporter of the following organisations: The Art Gallery of New South Wales, MS Australia, Musica Viva.  

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Sometimes getting a start in the workforce can be the hardest part. We’re there, the world over, helping young people get a foothold through industry apprenticeships.

Supporting young talent

In 2009, Broadcast Australia took an industry leadership role by establishing an Apprentice Training Scheme that has resulted in 17 fully qualified broadcast technicians graduating since that time. This program ensures that the next generation of broadcast technicians carry the RF skills of prior generations combined with the IP networking and digital communications skills that will underpin broadcasting into the future.

Alicia Nicole began the apprentice program in Shepparton on the HF services while studying for her Certificate 3 – Electronics and Communication in 2013. At the end of 2014 she was transferred to Field Services for 24 months, completing her course at the end of 2015. Alicia graduated from the Apprentice Program to a full time Broadcast Technician position based in the Melbourne district in 2016. Alicia is the first female Broadcast Technician in Australia!

Supporting our environment

We are determined to reduce our environmental impact, and to help our customers to reduce theirs. Ongoing investment in infrastructure means new and improved services, along with innovative developments.

First solar-powered transmission site

Broadcast Australia has launched the first of 100% solar-powered transmission sites at Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia, in a process to pilot the removal of sites from the national power grid. The new photo-voltaic system uses advanced German battery storage technology, coupled with 96 solar panels.