Our capabilities

Broadcast Australia is a world-class centre of excellence for television and radio broadcasting, specialisng in the design, build and operation of highly available networks to meet our customers needs.  As a broadcast network specialist, our core competencies span all aspects of the planning and delivery of analogue and digital transmission systems.

Key capabilities include:

Network planning design and integration

Based in Canberra, Broadcast Australia’s Wireless, Planning and Validation Group (WPV) includes dedicated RF engineers specialising in coverage and network planning, spectrum management and interference analysis. Working closely with government regulators and authorities, this highly specialised team has spearheaded the RF planning for several landmark projects in Australia, including:

  • Digital radio coverage planning for the national broadcasters in the five largest capital cities.
  • Spectrum restacking viability study and channel plans for NSW, Queensland and Victoria to explore the potential of the digital dividend for the Federal Government.
  • Planning and interference management of more than 30 digital terrestrial television wide-area single-frequency networks as part of Australia’s DTV deployment.

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Key capabilities of the WPV group include:

  • Antenna modelling
  • Satellite link budget
  • Coverage mapping and validation
  • Single-frequency network planning
  • Interference assessments
  • EME predictions
  • Microwave link design
  • Field measurements.

The team employs best engineering practice at all times and has a strong understanding of the regulatory framework. The WPV team’s engineering expertise is deployed every day to assist with design, build and RF investigation work throughout the network to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

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Project management implementation

Broadcast Australia’s substantial capability combines management and technical skills which, together with best practice methodologies, form the foundation for excellence in programme and project delivery. Our project management team supports nationwide broadcast and infrastructure projects.

Our capability includes broadcast systems, power upgrades, structures and superstructures, environmental, fire systems, asbestos removal and numerous other site activities. Our extensive in-house capability is augmented using partners and specialist contractors who have been qualified to meet Broadcast Australia’s high standards of quality and safety.

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Our project delivery management systems and tools are based on global best practice methodologies such as Prince2® and MSP®. We also use industry leading programme and project information management systems, developed specifically for use within broadcast, communications and infrastructure industries, ensuring superior results and efficient execution across broadcast and infrastructure projects for internal and external customers alike. Our methodology is applied to all projects, guaranteeing consistency, whilst also being scalable to cater for any project type from small single site works or upgrades to major network builds and roll-outs.

Augmenting the project management function are several dedicated senior project engineers, responsible for the overall co-ordination of the engineering, technical and physical installation aspects of projects, and undertaking testing, commissioning and handover of new services and systems. This embedded technical approach allows flexibility to deliver innovative and complete solutions, leveraging both a project management and in-project engineering capability.

This group also manages the project governance and audit processes across all phases of our projects, providing a transparent approach to management of programmes and projects, with a focus on the key areas of scope, schedule, safety, environment, cost, quality, risk and procurement, and their overall interaction. 

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Network operations and management

Broadcast Australia’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) at the Gore Hill transmission site in Sydney is the operational heart of our network – ensuring services perform to demanding contractual standards and provide a contact hub for our customers.

The NOC manages the demands of a complex network:

  • 24/7 monitoring of all services and sites in the network.
  • 24/7 operations team overseeing the network and managing incidents.
  • Customer fault and incident reporting, and network data analysis.
  • Integrated fault management including escalation, remediation and reporting.
  • Remote control service restoration capability.
  • Outage planning and negotiation.

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Keeping services ‘On Air’ – The NOC provides real-time remote monitoring and control of the network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is achieved through a combination of advanced telemetry systems, IP connectivity and software management systems connecting nearly 10,000 devices at 622 sites.

Providing transparency to customers – Working with our customers, Broadcast Australia has developed operational and governance procedures which provide a highly professional and collaborative approach to operations management. Our monitoring and information management systems allow us to log all events that take place in the network, reporting and escalating where required.

A direct line for customer communication –The NOC is a conduit for customers to communicate their needs. Critical events are quickly escalated to on call managers and company executives to ensure that services are restored as quickly as possible and to ensure we are meeting the customers’ expectations.

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Field services

Broadcast Australia has built a well-earned reputation for the quality, capability and dedication of our field services personnel. Broadcast Australia employs the largest team of broadcast trained field resources in the country. Specialist field technicians, maintenance specialists and support staff are strategically deployed across the country in 24 maintenance points of presence. All of this team are direct employees of Broadcast Australia ensuring that we are able to directly control their work and priorities to match those of our customers.

Our field teams are trained and experienced in the operation and maintenance of all the equipment in the network and continue to receive specialised training from our internal team of qualified trainers. Broadcast Australia recognises the need to recruit and train the next generation of Field Service Technicians.

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Taking a leadership role in the industry, we have established a successful Apprenticeship Training Scheme. This scheme has already qualified 17 new technicians ensuring Broadcast Australia has experienced technicians into the future. This core Field Service team is sustained in their preventative maintenance and fault response activities by our own specialist engineering and support teams including, antenna systems, power and buildings, structural engineering, rigging, RF transmission and civil engineering.

Our on the ground teams are also supported by 520 trained local first-in maintainers and a large network of local specialist subcontractors including High Velocity Air Conditioning specialists, Emergency Power Plant repairer/maintainers, electricians, Programmable Logic Controller specialists, plumbers and security. Together, these key personnel maintain the 622 sites at which Broadcast Australia operates, responding 24/7 to maximise availability of services. 

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Health & safety

Broadcast Australia’s safety principles are integrated with everyday work practices to promote a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and visitors or contractors. Our safety framework is informed by continual engagement with all stakeholders, benchmarking against industry leaders, due diligence and legal compliance obligations.

In addition, we are committed to identifying and addressing hazards and risks in the workplace on an ongoing basis, and review our policy every three years to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate. Furthermore, all field activities are conducted in accordance with our Safe Work Method Statement – a task specific risk assessment that must be prepared and approved before any work is commenced that involves identified hazards.

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Member of the Federal Safety Commissioner’s OHS Scheme

Broadcast Australia was accredited under the Federal Safety Commissioner’s (FSC) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) scheme in 2012 – a requirement for all government-funded construction programs with a value over $4 million. We are the only FSC accredited broadcast managed service provider in the country providing additional comfort and security for our customers and the Commonwealth. Under this heavily audited scheme, Broadcast Australia successfully delivered the Spectrum Restack Program with zero lost time injuries – a significant achievement for high-risk project involving 200 workers across 426 sites nationally.

Compliance with Australian and international standards Underpinning Broadcast Australia’s activities is a suite of fully certified integrated systems accredited to various Australian and International standards:

  • New Zealand Standard 4801:2001 for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Australia/New Zealand Standard and ISO Standard 9001:2001 for quality management (plus aligns with the EIA 632 standard on Systems Engineering).
  • Australia/New Zealand Standard and ISO Standard 14001 for environmental management.

The company has achieved 100% compliance with the standards under a rigorous external audit programme and operates at a lost time injury rate well below the national average. This applies to both employees and contractors. Broadcast Australia also participates in the Australian Government’s Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for Critical Infrastructure Resilience. A dedicated Risk and Internal Audit Manager is responsible for assessing and maintaining appropriate actions and accreditations across our business. 

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Technology advisory

Broadcast Australia is at the forefront of emerging and evolving technologies. Our deep engineering, delivery and operational capability have made Broadcast Australia a trusted partner for the national broadcasters, the government and industry stakeholders.

Throughout the transition to digital broadcasting, Broadcast Australia worked with ABC, SBS and industry to provide spectrum planning advice to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – most recently relating to the restack of spectrum to deliver the digital dividend, following analogue switch-off. Broadcast Australia has also participated in high profile trials of emerging digital technologies including mobile TV and 3D TV, both in Australia and nationally.

Broadcast Australia invests into research and development and is committed to ongoing network and service improvements. Broadcast Australia develops world-class solutions and applications for new and emerging technologies.

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This includes planning for future network improvements which allow our customers to take advantage of technology innovations. Examples include:

  • Wide area single frequency networks – In the early 2000’s Broadcast Australia was at the forefront of global DTV deployments and pioneered the design of wide area single frequency network
  • Worlds First DAB+ – Broadcast Australia actively participated in an Australian working group which tested and then assisted with the specification of the ETSI-ratified DAB+ standard for digital radio broadcasting.
  • Worlds first long range digital radio system- Pioneering technology developed by BAI Communications brings digital HF radio communications to almost one million square kilometres of Western Queensland in support of critical services.

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Cross group capability

Broadcast Australia is part of BAI Communications – a communications infrastructure group with operations spanning Australia, Hong Kong, UK, the USA and Canada.The expertise of BAI Communications lies in the design, build and operation of highly available communications networks – broadcast, radio cellular, Wi-Fi, digital – for our customers across the globe.

Successes across the group includes:

  • The Metropolitan Transit Authority (covering the Tri-State area of New York) chose Transit Wireless to deliver cellular and Wi-Fi networks to the 279 underground stations in the New York City subway.
  • The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) signed an exclusive 20+ year agreement with BAI Communications in Canada to deploy and operate a commercial wireless network at 65 stations and associated tunnels in the TTC subway.

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  • Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation has a stateof-the-art cellular network designed, built and regularly updated by BAI Communications in Hong Kong. Other multicarrier, multi-band DAS projects which RFE has been involved in include the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit, Bangkok’s Blue Line Mass Rapid Transit, Guangzhou Metro and Mass Rapid Transit Singapore.
  • The NSW Telco Authority selected BAI Communications to operate and maintain the NSW Government Radio Network.
  • Ergon Energy relied on BAI Communications to deliver a highly resilient P25 Radio Communications Network, supporting an area of 177,000km in Southern Queensland. 

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