Our services

Portal services

Broadcast Australia’s ‘Portal service’ provides customers with the opportunity to expand their broadcasting footprint through installation and operation of their own transmitters at Broadcast Australia owned sites around the country.

Customers achieve large cost savings through the use of common broadcasting equipment such as combiners, common antenna systems and a Broadcast Australia portal. Site security is maintained via a remote monitoring system.

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Using a Broadcast Australia site as a portal service is an easy, cost effective solution for customers who want to maintain 100% ownership and control of key transmission and program input equipment.

Broadcast Australia’s Portal Service allows customers to enjoy the benefits of increased coverage and achieve similar viewer and listener numbers to other national and commercial broadcasters, without the added expense of developing and operating their own infrastructure network or having to deploy sub-optimal antenna systems. 

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Managed Transmission Services


Underpinned by a service level agreement, set against agreed technical performance standards and service availability levels, Broadcast Australia assumes responsibility for delivering to its customers a ‘Fully Managed’ Service.

Under this outsourced arrangement, Broadcast Australia owns and operates the infrastructure on behalf of the customer and takes full responsibility for the design, implementation, performance and capital replacement risk throughout the term of the contract. This seamless arrangement allows the broadcaster to free up capital and concentrate on their core business of content.

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Broadcast Australia provides broadcasting services to a variety of customers including national/state, commercial, community and narrowcast broadcasters as well as self-help groups.

Broadcast Australia is committed to providing:

  • Highly resilient transmission platforms and high levels of service reliability, underpinned by Service Level Guarantees
  • RF and Network planning and designs optimised to satisfy customer requirements.
  • Transmission of television and radio services in both analogue and digital formats.
  • Superior wide-area coverage from Broadcast Australia sites.
  • Service flexibility ranging from a single site to fully redundant services, national or wide-area.
  • Round-the-clock service and monitoring (including on-line monitoring access) as well as national disaster recovery expertise and resources.
  • Working partnerships to develop new, evolving technologies
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Network management services

Broadcast Australia’s minimum downtime policy ensures our networks operate at high levels of availability, facilitated by our multi-million dollar 24/7 Network Operations Centre and highly skilled maintenance responders who are strategically located throughout Australia. Our service offerings include:

  • Our Sydney-based and fully staffed Network Operations Centre (NOC), which closely monitors and reports on all facets of our network infrastructure around the clock utilising sophisticated IT and telemetry systems;
  • Skilled and trained field services operatives located across the length and breadth of the country to enable fast response to faults or other network issues;
  • A network analysis, customer liaison and reporting team to keep customers informed of network performance and delivery of service;
  • A planned outage function ensuring all service maintenance occurs within customer agreed timeframes;
  • Emergency management and service continuity capability, fully developed and regularly tested.


Maintenance Services

Broadcast Australia’s Asset Management Framework has been developed in conjunction with leading industry experts to guarantee maximum reliability, availability and service life of the critical equipment used to support our customers’ services. Our ISO-9001 quality-accredited approach features:

  • A maintenance programme developed in conjunction with customers and optimised in line with Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principles, a premier and internationally recognised maintenance model;
  • Highly skilled and experienced field staff, specialising in broadcast and communications technology and including in-house antenna and structure specialists;
  • A rigorous inspection programme for towers, masts, poles, antenna mounts, feeder supports, trays and other equipment to provide early warning of any degradation or mechanical fault;
  • Critical spares management and in-house module repair and equipment calibration capabilities;
  • High-level engineering support and expertise;
  • In-house technical training keeping our staff up to date with the latest technology and maintenance techniques.