Radio broadcasting

As a leading owner, operator and developer of broadcast sites in the country, Broadcast Australia offers dynamic coverage nationwide

Extensive analogue and digital broadcasting services are provided to Broadcast Australia’s radio  customers – site sharing and infrastructure services to commercial, community and government broadcasters, telecommunications providers and emergency services.

Broadcast Australia has the end-to-end ability to plan, design, install, commission and operate all aspects of the network.

Significant achievements include:

  • Operating long-term trials of datacasting in Sydney and digital audio broadcast in Canberra and Darwin.
  • Designing, building and operating digital radio services for ABC and SBS in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaid

Digital Radio

Digital Radio  offers listeners exceptionally high quality sound as well as features such as programme associated data and still images. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) enables the broadcaster to provide multi-channel services resulting in the more efficient use of spectrum. It has many added features including allowing listeners to select shows from an electronic program guide, rewind and pause programmes and show scrolling information.

World’s first DAB+

Broadcast Australia actively participated in an Australian working group which tested and then assisted with the specification of the ETSI-ratified DAB+ standard for digital radio broadcasting. In 2009 the company then launched on behalf of ABC and SBS a world first DAB+ national broadcaster system in Australia’s five largest capital cities.

Analog Radio

Broadcast Australia offers an extensive range of analogue services for our customers including portal services and operation and maintenance services. Broadcast Australia operates and maintains AM and FM radio services across the country for the ABS and SBS and commercial broadcasters including:

  • Southern Cross Austereo
  • Australian Radio Network
  • Commercial Radio Australia
  • Nova Entertainmen

The new digital technology will have minimal impact on present broadcast services and consumers will continue to receive their current analog stations with minimal disruption.

At Broadcast Australia, we have the experience and resources to continue existing analog services whilst facilitating a smooth transition to the new digital platform.