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Working together allows Broadcast Australia to forge true partnerships with our customers built on trust and respect.

The culture at Broadcast Australia encourages our people to embody the core values of excellence, innovation and collaboration. We work together, and with our customers, to deliver high-availability network solutions; we leverage current and future technologies to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and we deliver excellence in all we do – design, engineering, construction and operations.

Our employees are passionate about the network we have built and proud of what we do, with our customers, to deliver television and radio to people across Australia. Australia’s national broadcasters are unique in the world and our people do whatever is necessary to ensure that communities can receive these services even in challenging circumstances, 24/7, in remote areas of the country, or in the midst of a natural disaster.

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When asked what they enjoy best about working at BAI Communications, it is the culture and our people that our employees list first.

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