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In every part of the BAI Communications business, our people work behind the scenes to make exciting things happen, whether it’s bringing communications services to Australian households and businesses or to the subways of Toronto, Hong Kong and New York.

We are made up of a talented group of individuals who are bringing the connection to our world. We asked a group of BAI Communications employees from various corners of the business to tell us a bit about what they do and what makes them BAI.



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Daniel Goldsworthy

Hostworks, Australia

“It’s a thrill being part of a clever, fast-growing team in Adelaide. “

Daniel Goldsworthy

General Manager, Media Foundry

Hostworks, Adelaide

“My job takes me all over New York City: I can be in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn.”

Nupur Sutaria

Senior Design Engineer
Transit Wireless, New York City

“Delivering cutting-edge projects gives me a great feeling.”

Lithika Vinu

RF Systems Engineer
Broadcast Australia, Sydney

Daniel’s story x

  • The digital world is dynamic and I love how rapidly technology evolves. This pace of change makes it a very dynamic space to work in, providing opportunities for new products and new businesses. It is a thrill being part of a clever, fast-growing team in Adelaide. This is the team that brings live-streaming of concert and sporting events to your phone, marrying technical expertise with great creativity. My role spans managing people through to application prototyping. It involves technical design, experimentation, feature scoping, strategising and meeting with customers.
  • Embracing and working with new technologies and concepts is wonderful. We have integrated Chromecast and AirPlay devices into our applications and we are looking at ways to add support for devices like smart TVs and other gaming consoles. Our Media Foundry product has been extremely successful in the market. It is not fully formed yet and we have the opportunity to make it into something bigger and better. Just as traditional foundry uses a mould for shaping metal, we have created a specially designed, customised mould to shape customers’ media.
  • Using the Hostworks Media Foundry, customers can broadcast to smart TV, web, phone and tablet users, allowing their audiences to consume video and rich media content when and where they want, live and on-demand. The best part of my job is turning my team’s significant but varied expertise and experience into something greater than the sum of its parts. And you experience a sense of creative accomplishment when you’re part of making something.

Nupur’s story x

  • My job takes me all over New York City: I can be in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn. Along with colleagues, our client and contractors, part of my role is surveying stations for design purposes, taking photos and measurements, marking out equipment locations and so on. I always feel proud when explaining my job. It is pretty thrilling to be able to say that I had a hand in making this project possible - making wireless service available for people who ride the subway every day.
  • I began working at Transit Wireless as an intern in 2013. I was finishing the second semester of my Mechanical Engineering graduate degree at Columbia University at the time. When I graduated a few months later and received my master’s degree, I accepted a full-time Design Engineer position with the company. My position is a design role. On top of creating and reviewing station designs internally, we hold many meetings with our clients to make sure they concur with our design choices.
  • One of the great things about working in telecommunications is that my work positively impacts society, myself included. I get to design a network that has the potential to reach everyone in NYC, making communication possible even in unexpected places. I use the underground network every day on my commute to and from work, to look up directions, stream music, check social media, send emails and text messages, surf the internet and so much more. The possibilities and capabilities are endless.

Lithika‘s story x

  • My son is too young to understand my job, but one day I think he will be proud that his mum is an engineer. Delivering cutting-edge projects gives me a great feeling. I have been part of the award-winning team on Australia's conversion to digital TV and restacking the spectrum. There are lots of successful women in engineering. Generally being an engineer is perceived as a male role and even the women who are interested in becoming engineers most often go into the computer science stream. In my speciality of electrical engineering it is even less common for women to enter the field.
  • When it came to selecting a degree, I wanted to ensure I was entering a field that suited my personality as well as drawing on my passion for physics, chemistry and maths. I am glad I chose engineering. I completed a Bachelor of Engineering at Madras University in India, majoring in Electrical Electronics. In a degree of about 60 students, I was one of three women. Coming to Australia in 2004 to study my Masters in Engineering Management at the University of New South Wales, I was the only woman enrolled.
  • I love travelling. Joining Broadcast Australia as an Implementation Engineer allowed me to see many beautiful, interesting locations that otherwise I would never have seen. For the first six months I was mainly travelling around Western Australia completing commissioning work for the changeover from analogue to digital TV. I saw the Pinnacles, just south of Perth. I visited the town of Karratha at the height of the mining boom. I made my way around Queensland. I was rarely in the office. I do miss the travel sometimes, but with a young son at home I like to stay in one place these days.

A great place to work

People are the foundation of what we do. Working at BAI Communications brings satisfaction in knowing that you are behind some of the world’s largest communications networks responsible for delivering critical services to the community. Working at BAI means you are keeping people connected, to information, entertainment and each other, every hour of every day.

We are an employer of choice, one that allows our people to apply their expertise and stretch their boundaries in a positive, inclusive work environment. We encourage flexibility including working from home, part time and job share opportunities and we thrive on a can do culture. But most importantly, we invest in our people –  our learning and development programs help our staff grow within our organisation to take advantage of exciting new opportunities across the globe.