How does your previous experience at BAI help you in your role as BAI Account Director, Public Broadcasters?

I’ve worked in many areas at BAI Communications, most recently as General Manager, Customer Service Group where I looked after the NOC, Public and Commercial Broadcaster Account Teams, Restack BSSC and Business Intelligence Teams.

Throughout, I’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with our public broadcaster customers that are based on open and honest communication. This has allowed us to understand their unique challenges and work proactively to meet their needs.

What goals have you set for yourself in this role and what are you most looking forward to achieving?

We will continue to build our reputation with customers for quality delivery and value by treating the customer the way we want to be treated. This means proactively anticipating their needs, removing their pain points and working with them to identify new ways in which BAI can help them deliver content to their audiences.

What is the biggest challenge the National Broadcasters face in the next five years and how can BAI support them?

Producing high quality local content is expensive and our National Broadcaster customers must constantly drive efficiencies to find new means of investing in it. They must also continue to develop their digital presence, upon which their future relevance depends.

BAI can help broadcasters by working with them to exploit new technologies to keep FTA broadcast relevant. We are focused on driving internal effciencies to ensure our services remain affordable. We can also help the Broadcasters meet their Contract Governance responsibilities by providing targeted information in a trusted format, thus allowing them to divert resources from administration towards content.