Site sharing process

Broadcast Australia acts as the “neutral host” for a multitude of customers across a range of technologies utilising its transmission infrastructure. Co-location provides a cost-effective solution by integrating into structures already on the ground and in operation.

1. Are you considering co-locating on one of our sites?

Use our SiteFinder tool for high-level information for site location and Broadcast Australia site name and number. To help you with your planning, you can also contact our team for a .kmz file of our national site portfolio.

If you have already chosen a site, our site sharing team can provide you with a Site Information Pack (SIP). This pack will give you site photos, drawings and the space available. Please email the team to request the applicable SIP.

2. Your requirements

Please provide the following details:


  • What type of equipment would you like to install?
  • The make, model, quantity and the required height


Will you be installing your own shelter? Broadcast Australia can also offer you space in our shelter for your own rack or you can share an existing rack.

Electrical Power

An additional service that Broadcast Australia offers is power sharing. We can also offer you connection to our back-up generators where available. Please check with our site sharing team.

3. Ready to submit your application?

Download an application form and email it through to our site sharing team. One of us will then be in contact with you to confirm receipt of your application and next steps.

4. Just a couple more things to cover off before you install

You should have received your application approval email containing:

  • Your project ID for online site access application
  • Drawings with approved equipment locations

Things we need from you:

  • For Construction (FC) drawings
  • A signed site licence for your equipment

Please keep in mind:

RF and electrical power outages may be required as a condition of your installation. Please enquire with our planned outages team.

5. As-built documentation

As built drawings and photos are important parts of closing off your application. It helps us to keep site information up to date for the next installation.