Across the BAI Communications group, working with, and supporting communities underpins what we do.

Community contributions can be seen across the group in varying ways:

Broadcast Australia Engineer, Alan Hubbard, has recently worked with communities in Samoa, Tonga, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu supporting the ABC and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT’s) Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, in providing technical training for local broadcasters. The recent installation and commissioning of a satellite dish and receiver in the Solomon Islands, enabled connectivity, improving communications, giving local villagers the opportunity to watch television without having to travel to the capital, Honiara, a day’s travel away.

Repeatedly and courageously, our dedicated teams of engineers and technicians in the field throughout Australia, venture out in the most inclement of weather conditions.  Whilst their roles require our teams to travel to the most remote of locations, many go above and beyond what is asked of them to ensure essential connectivity remains ‘live’ for our customers ABC, SBS and the Government Radio Network (GRN). Our technicians are committed to ensuring the public is able to stay connected to what matters in their daily lives; be it watching TV or listening to radio, or those that might require emergency services.

Head office takes yet another approach to supporting community with their regular charity lunches. Once a quarter a team will arrange a themed luncheon event for colleagues to enjoy and participate in.  Of greatest impact and importance, is the funds that teams raise for their nominated charity.

Silent auctions, raffles, door prizes and games all provide an opportunity for us to raise funds for nominated charities, Feel the Magic and Bear Cottage.

These much-needed funds couldn’t be raised for our nominated charities without the generosity of these businesses donating vouchers and products.

Gunners Barracks, The Langham, Mr Cook, Kakawa Chocolates, Teta’s, Afous, Burnt Orange, Sawmill.

As a business we are grateful to be able to participate in projects, that continue to enrich communities.